French for all ages

If you are a parent and you want to give your kids a chance to be truly bilingual, we offer a detailed program of courses and workshops for children and teenagers which will make them comfortable and proficient in French.


Children Group Classes

  • Age 3-4
    45 minutes of rhymes, songs and crafts. Children must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.
    On-site courses, once a week on Saturday morning for a 8 week session.
    Tuition Fee: $110
    Yearly Registration Fee: $20
  • Age 5-6
    45 minutes: a revolving door of activities and workshops… They will learn French with songs, games and stories.
    On-site courses, once a week on Saturday morning for a 8 week session.
    Tuition Fee: $110
    Yearly Registration Fee: $20

  • Age 7+
    The focus is primarily on reading and writing in French.
    – A1.2 Level – Saturday mornings
    Your children know how to count and read up to 10, they know their colours – in this level, they will learn to say if they like something or not, and they will learn more vocabulary about their everyday life.

    – A1.0 Level  – date to de decided later on.
    Tuition Fee $175
    Material: $55
    Yearly Registration Fee: $20
    Your children know how to read and write in English, they had a little bit of French in Primary (Bonjour, Merci, ça va…). We are offering a A1.0 during the week, right after school. contact us for more information.

  • Club Lecture en français (age 7 to 10)
    for children with at least 2 years of French at school

Teens Group Classes

  • Adosphere
    For teens with zero French to a little bit of French. 
    Come learn with us ! With Adosphere, a practical approach to French with specific tasks that deal with their own experiences (organizing a poll for their class, creating a poster to introduce their friends…). Well-defined objectives, strategies that will guide them throughout their French lessons with the “Learning to Learn” an action-oriented approach: each lesson ends with a task to interact with all written and oral skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and cultural discoveries throughout the world of more “real” teenagers and a wide variety of documents.
    Tuition Fee: $200 (1.5 hrs)
    Material: $55
    Yearly Registration Fee: $20

Your teens started French last year and they know how to describe their days and talk about their activities. If they join our Adosphere A1.3 class on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm, they will be able to learn how to use the future and to prepare for the DELF Junior A1.

  • Preparation DELF
    Practice the four parts of DELF and DALF exams with the help of an accredited instructor.

    Listening, reading, writing and speaking activities as well as mock exams will be offered in a private setting or with a group depending on registration.
    Learn how to prepare your nerve and how to study for this diploma
    1.5 hrs per weeks for 8 weeks
    Tuition Fee: $260
    Yearly Registration Fee: $20


Private Tutoring

  •  Private tutoring
    (To ensure continuity in your learning, please note it is neccessary to give a week notice when booking a private class- Stop by the desk to talk to our friendly staff)

On Request : hourly fee: $50

Packages :  
10 hours : $450
20 hours : $800


  • Semi-private instruction is also available for two individuals at the same level of proficiency.

 On Request : hourly fee : $62 ($31 per person)

Packages :
10 hours : $560 ($28 per person/hour)
20 hours:  $1050 ($26.25 per person/hour)


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